Engineers Complete 16 Station Rail Car Loading Platform for No. 6 Fuel Oil and Asphalt

This project was to Design, Engineering and Construction of two rail car loading racks that have 16 rail car loading spots, and can load No. 6 Fuel Oil and Asphalt.  We literally took this project from its initial concept to reality, and we were on time and under budget.

Here is a list of the major items we handled:

  • Rail track design and layout
  • Flow Meter, Level Sensors and Instrumentation
  • Generated Railroad Engineering/CAD drawings for construction
  • Performed Geotechnical Analysis
  • Designed and installed foundations for loading racks, piping and stairs
  • Designed and installed entire loading racks
  • Two racks, each rack 220’ long and capable of loading 8 railcars
  • Sourced and installed fall protection equipment
  • Evaluated piping stress and installed new pipe expansion system
  • Sourced and installed overflow protection equipment
  • Sourced and installed rack lighting, area lighting and railcar belly lighting
  • Sourced and installed all piping, including heat tracing and insulation.
  • Designed, sourced and installed all pipe supports and a pipe bridge
  • Installed piping for tie in points to product and steam lines

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